Zero-footprint digital signature solution MySignatureBook 1.1

TriCipher announced the first digital signature solution to offer a truly zero-footprint client option. MySignatureBook 1.1 is the latest major release of TriCipher’s end-to-end digital signature technology and is the first solution to work without special client configuration or software deployment.

MySignatureBook provides an easy-to-use Web interface for gathering multiple digital signatures in a single non-repudiable signed version of a document. In addition to new zero-footprint client support, MySignatureBook delivers:

  • Flexible document signing workflow and template-based management that accelerates business processes
  • Simultaneous delivery of a flattened PDF version of signed documents for easy distribution, and an additional archived version that includes the live digital content.
  • Web services interfaces for easy integration with document management and industry-specific applications.

MySignatureBook simplifies business, eliminates geographic barriers, cuts operational costs and advances green initiatives for document-intensive organizations.

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