New data erasure service from Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems announced the Sun Data Protection Services, Data Erasure, a new on-site service to help enable customers to remain compliant with internal corporate data erasure policies during the removal, redeployment or relocation of equipment containing sensitive data. The service also empowers customers’ to become compliant with the ever increasing policies of regulatory agencies for the removal or destruction of data, by providing a global, audit-ready solution that erases data at the platter level.

Data security is an issue IT administrators must address, and the topic is as pertinent as ever due to increasing pressure from government regulations being put in place to protect privacy and prevent fraud. Company security policies must ensure that businesses remain competitive and compliant with government requirements. In response to this, Sun’s new Data Protection Services, Data Erasure provides a scalable, global solution for eradicating non-critical data from customers’ hard disks, Sun Data Protection Services, Data Erasure meets or exceeds the requirements of most company security policies by standardizing on the stringent DOD 5220-22M policy for data erasure. In addition, Sun’s software enabled service can scale to match the policies of up to 14 different erasure standards to satisfy both public and private security regulations.

Key benefits delivered by Sun Data Protection Services, Data Erasure include:

  • Helps enable more secure technology migrations and upgrades
  • Simplifies the process by providing a single point of contact for all erasure needs
  • Demonstrates compliance to security protocol and regulatory requirements
  • Mitigates risk of data exposure with lost or compromised equipment
  • Provides an audit ready report for proof of compliance, available in multiple languages.

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