Adobe Acrobat 9 security is worse than ever

ElcomSoft, the company that discovered a security weakness in Adobe’s eBook software back in 2001, has found vulnerability in another Adobe Product. While Adobe advertises Acrobat 9 as the most secure PDF production tool ever with enhanced 256-bit encryption, ElcomSoft has discovered that the new PDF protection system implemented in Acrobat 9 is even faster to recover than in previous versions. In fact, a hundred times faster.

ElcomSoft released an updated version of Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5.0, a product to unlock password-protected PDF files created by Adobe Acrobat and compatible products. The new version supports the new Adobe Acrobat 9 format, offering a hundred times increase in password recovery speed for the new format thanks to a security weakness discovered by the company in Adobe Acrobat 9.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery guarantees the recovery of 40-bit encryption in a matter of minutes by searching for the encryption key instead of attempting to guess the password. The product provides a number of advanced methods to recover password-protected documents encrypted with 128-bit keys used in Acrobat versions 5.x to 8.x, and provides an even faster recovery of passwords protecting PDF documents locked by Adobe Acrobat 9. The product instantly removes all PDF restrictions such as print, copy, or editing.

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