Automated network compliance and assurance management for PCI DSS

Skybox Security announced Skybox Assure version 4.1 composed of two products: Firewall Compliance Auditor and Network Compliance Auditor. The new release enables enterprises to automate their assessment and compliance processes for requirements 1, 6, 11 and 12 of the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard V1.2 (PCI DSS). Through automation, analytics, modeling and what-if prediction, enterprises can maintain compliance with the PCI DSS requirements on a daily basis or on an ad-hoc basis, while freeing expensive resources to other critical tasks.

Complete Risk and Compliance Lifecycle Management: When combined with Skybox Secure, organizations can track security or compliance gaps such as exposed vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and policy violations from identification through remediation. Alerts are generated if a defect is identified or not remediated within a certain amount of time based on internal policies. Reports are delivered via scheduled e-mail notification or immediately after analysis is completed.

Complete Network Access Policy Management: Defines a “golden configuration” standard for the organization’s network devices leveraging a range of policies built into the solution. Access policies can be customized to fit the unique needs of the business. Validates that network devices are properly configured based on the organization’s internal best practices or external mandates like PCI DSS from identification through mitigation.

Comprehensive Network Access Compliance Management: Sophisticated network access analysis and presentation. Summary of all violating ACL rules for a quicker understanding of compliance levels. Better management of policy violations, firewall rules, and exceptions.

Unique Change Assurance: Verifies impact of proposed configuration or policy changes before they are deployed. Prevents the deployment of “bad” firewalls or routers configurations that can result in serious risk or compliance exposures. Configurations can be assessed continuously as new threats emerge and as the network environment evolves.

Integration Improvements: Previous versions of Skybox Assure supported a range of network devices to maximize past and future investments. With version 4.1, Skybox Security becomes the first network compliance and assurance solution to support Juniper’s NetScreen Manager API for environments with large Juniper firewall deployments. Other integration enhancements include RedHat Enterprise Linux v5 64 bit OS as well as broader virtual device support..

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