Card Authentication Package from Ricoh

Ricoh announced the availability of a new Card Authentication Package compatible with various Ricoh multifunction products (MFPs). This convenient card-based software solution improves document security within environments that utilize centralized MFPs by protecting sensitive documents from unauthorized viewers, as well as preventing users from sending electronic files to inappropriate destinations. The Card Authentication Package software allows administrators to reduce operating costs and establish a secure environment for printing, copying, scanning, faxing and document distribution.

Optimizing an organization’s workflow is important to the continual success of any business, large or small. This software-based solution enables users to authenticate network credentials with the simple swipe of a card, automatically identifying the user and cutting down on the time needed to manually input their user information into the MFP’s interface. Users log in at the MFP by swiping their identification card, which authenticates their identity and allows them access to the device based on pre-determined permissions set up by the organization’s network administrator. The software utilizes a card reader for each machine and is compatible with most types of employee identification cards, including HID, Casi-Rusco and NexWatch proximity cards. An enterprise version of the software is also available for corporations who need to manage more than 500 users.

The Card Authentication Package not only simplifies user log-in, but also facilitates added security measures when printing confidential documents. By configuring options such as Enhanced Lock Print NX (ELP NX) and GlobalScan NX, the Card Authentication Pack ensures the security and protection of classified files. When paired with ELP NX, documents can be held until the user swipes their ID card, which guarantees that confidential documents printing to a central machine are not taken by mistake by other users. The Card Authentication Package can also be used with Ricoh’s new GlobalScan NX to protect electronic file distribution.

In addition to the added benefits of having a simplified log-in, the Card Authentication Package helps reduce everyday operating costs by allowing administrators the ability to manage permission to specific functions, such as color printing or copying for individual users or groups. Once authenticated, authorized users can perform print, copy, scan, fax, and/or use document server functions according to their assigned permissions. For added accountability, the Card Authentication Package can be combined with Ricoh’s Smart Accounting solution that provides detailed usage reports tied to the identity of individual users.

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