Protect data on high service quality Ethernet circuits with Ethernet Encryptor 10G

SafeNet announced its new 10 gigabit, line-rate Ethernet Encryptor, designed to cost effectively protect sensitive data on high service quality Ethernet circuits.

Financial institutions, government agencies, and telecommunications companies transmit large volumes of sensitive data over high-speed Ethernet WANs that connect offices, data centers, and disaster recovery sites. The SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor 10G enables government agencies, departments, and contractors to easily secure high-speed core networks with minimal administrative and network overhead.

SafeNet encryptors offer central management that provide ease of administration and audit reporting across multiple circuits and network protocols. SafeNet is the world’s only provider of a complete portfolio of Ethernet security solutions—from 10Gbps network encryption appliances for enterprise, telecommunications, and government organizations to embedded security systems for network equipment manufacturers.

SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor 10G is a key component of SafeNet’s comprehensive enterprise data protection solution. SafeNet Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) is the only solution that secures data across the connected enterprise, from core to edge, with complete protection of data at rest, data in transit, and data in use.

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