Thin Backup Option for Exchange databases

ROBOBAK announced a new version of its software that cuts the time required for full remote backups of Microsoft Exchange databases by up to 90 percent or more. The result makes it possible for storage administrators to once again get a handle on email data protection requirements that have been increasingly spiraling out of control. It also provides them with the assurance that their email databases, containing multiple gigabytes or terabytes of corporate-critical information, can be easily and reliably backed up offsite.

Using Exchange database delta differentials available through Microsoft’s ESE API, it cuts the time needed to complete Exchange backups to mere minutes, even for very large Exchange databases. TBO-E is an enhancement to ROBOBAK’s existing feature set, which includes source-based data de-duplication and compression, an “incremental forever” approach to backups, and the creation of “synthetic” full backups on demand in real time to simplify restore procedures, and can be used in conjunction with these features to provide comprehensive ROBO backup and recovery solutions that require very little bandwidth between local and remote locations.

TBO-E is only one of many improvements incorporated as part of ROBOBAK’s v9 software; for instance, users will be able to take advantage of “instant backup” technology that discovers changes on the host or networked machine within second, making subsequent backups extremely fast. ROBOBAK’s “instant restore” feature adds a search engine index to its server software, making it possible to locate specific files in a fraction of the time required by competing products.


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