New AirMagnet Survey features help optimize Voice-Over-WLAN

AirMagnet announced new features for AirMagnet Survey that enhanced its ability to help customers optimize their voice-over-WLAN (VoWLAN) deployments for Cisco and Vocera equipment. These new features allow customers to identify problems earlier in the process of deploying VoWLAN — the survey phase — thereby minimizing the issues that might only be found after the equipment has been rolled out to end users.

There has been a dramatic increase in organizations deploying voice over their WLAN. A key element in the process is the ability to see into the network and measure how performance impacts the voice applications.

AirMagnet Survey PRO’s wireless network design and deployment verification system provides a one-click option for the user, to verify if their network is deployed based on the vendor’s requirements for any Wi-Fi based phone. Areas of measurement include verification for number of Access Points, signal/interference levels, user capacity and data rates. This verification system now includes pre-configured VoWLAN policies for the Cisco 7920 and 7921 phones that have been tailored to Cisco’s recommended deployment guidelines.

The new updates in AirMagnet Survey allow IT professionals to easily verify – in one click – if the network they are running meets Cisco requirements for voice. This actually helps avoid voice problems from the get-go by ensuring adequate coverage and optimum configuration settings for customers.

For Vocera customers, AirMagnet Survey’s speed mapping table has been enhanced to allow users to predict and view expected downlink data rate information from the perspective of Vocera B2000 badges while performing a passive survey.

The new version of AirMagnet Survey PRO is available now for $3,695. The new features are available now and are free to existing AirMagnet Survey customers who have current support agreement.

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