Survey reveals link between privileged users and breaches

Imperva announced that key findings in a new independent benchmark report conducted by Aberdeen Group reveal that monitoring privileged database users significantly reduces data loss. In a newly published survey report of more than 120 enterprises entitled “Protecting the Database: When (Most of) the Eggs are in One Basket,’ two thirds of the organizations rated Best-in-Class who monitor privileged insiders suffered fewer data loss incidents. The report was sponsored by Imperva.

Of the Best-in-Class organizations surveyed by Aberdeen, two thirds reported that they:

  • Monitor database administrator activities.
  • Enforce separation of duties for database administrators.
  • Block database activities that are in violation of established policies.

In comparison, less than one third of organizations ranked as Laggards in the survey monitor privileged insiders.

Organizations with Best-in-Class performance at protecting the database enjoyed substantial year-over-year advantages over those with lagging performance, including:

  • 8% fewer incidents of data loss or data exposure related to database security.
  • 10% fewer audit deficiencies related to database security.

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