Crossbeam Systems certifies Sourcefire 3D System on its security platform

Crossbeam Systems announced that the latest version of the Sourcefire 3D System, comprising the Sourcefire 3D Sensor and Real-Time Network Awareness (RNA) powered by open source SNORT, is now available on its X-Series Next Generation Security Platform. The Sourcefire 3D System 4.8 delivers adaptive intrusion prevention capabilities to secure large enterprise network assets against all forms of security threats.

The X-Series is a high performing security platform, tested to wire-line rates of 40 gigabytes per second (Gbps) with ultra-low latency, providing unprecedented levels of scale and flexibility to support the security requirements of large enterprise and carrier networks.

Sourcefire RNA allows users to reduce the overall resources dedicated to managing and monitoring IPS deployments. Not only does RNA decrease the number of false positives, but the RNA Recommended Rules feature reduces tuning by suggesting the rules best suited to protect a customer’s specific environment. The Sourcefire IPS can use RNA information about a host to model traffic to the specific operating system being attacked. This provides customers more accurate prevention and an increased ability to stop evasions.

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