Netgear unveils home gateways for broadband service providers

Netgear announced an augmented portfolio of new home gateways designed to enable service providers of all kinds to deliver new revenue-generating services.This new portfolio includes high-performance gateways for DSL, cable broadband, fiber and broadband wireless access networks that are easy for customers to install and the operator to support.

Each gateway combines ease-of-use with high performance to support converged multimedia services and enable broadband consumers to use video, download large files, and support their VoIP phone systems with converged applications for the ultimate in home networking.

CGD34NT DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Data Gateway with 802.11n Wireless

A step up to DOCSIS 3.0, this gateway incorporates 802.11n WiFi, QoS and Gigabit Ethernet, and is also available in EuroDOCSIS 3.0.

DVG631G and DVG834G Families of ADSL2+ Voice/Data Gateways

These closely related families of 802.11g wireless voice and data gateways are targeted at the ADSL2+ market. They enable service providers to roll out voice over their broadband service, conserving cable pairs and central office switch ports. The entry-level DVG631G family targets emerging markets while the DVG834G family is for ISPs and telcos serving multiple computer households or who are retiring their aging analog switching platforms.

WNMR834 Wireless-N MoCA Router

This wireless-N MoCA router delivers data and real-time multimedia content like HD video or VoIP within a home and enables large amounts of bandwidth to reach every coax outlet in the house. In addition to higher data throughput, the WNMR834 also supports low-latency and embedded QoS, delivering the best possible streaming IP video. With wireless-N, it extends the possibilities of customers’ wireless home networks by providing wireless speeds of up to 300 Mbps. It integrates with the Netgear Coax-Ethernet Adapter Kit (MCAB1001), which turns existing in-home cable TV outlets into Fast Ethernet outlets for HD video streaming and online gaming applications.

VVG834 and VVG934 Families of VDSL2 Voice Data Gateways

The VVG families offer similar functionality to the DVG families for service providers deploying VDSL/PON networks. Either with or without 802.11n wireless connectivity, these gateway/routers combine a VDSL2 modem fully backwards compatible with ADSL2+, router, Ethernet switch, SPI double firewall, DECT and VoIP. They both feature real-time QoS and high-speed 802.11n WiFi; the VVG834 offers Gigabit Ethernet LAN.

EVG834N Series – Gigabit Ethernet Voice Data Gateway

A high-performance Gigabit Ethernet gateway designed for FTTC, FTTH and VDSL deployments, this Gigabit Ethernet WAN wireless gateway delivers the maximum in performance, power and flexibility to customers. Six products in one, it combines a Gigabit Ethernet WAN, router, LAN switch, 802.11n access point with NETGEAR Push ‘N Connect WiFi Protected Setup (WPS), SPI double firewall, DECT and VoIP.

Bonded ADSL Firmware Option for the DG834N ADSL2+ Wireless-N Data Gateway

This software solution bonds multiple ADSL lines using two or more gateways to deliver the aggregated capacity of all the lines connected. The service is managed by Sharedband Bonding Servers at a hosting center.

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