AirPcap Nx USB-based dual-band WLAN capture adapter

CACE Technologies released AirPcap Nx, a USB-based WLAN capture adapter with support for 802.11a/b/g/n, packet injection, multi-channel aggregation, multiple external antennas connectors, and enhanced hardware timestamps.

Standout capabilities include: packet transmission across all supported channels (a, b, g, and n), 2 x 2 MIMO with two internal antennas, two integrated MC-Card connectors for optional external antennas, multi-channel aggregation (with 2 or more adapters), and full integration with Wireshark and CACE Pilot.

802.11n is breakthrough technology, enabling Wi-Fi networks to do more, faster, over a larger area. AirPcap Nx captures all 802.11n traffic on 20 and 40 MHz channels, delivering detailed decoding of control, management, and data frames, including A-MSDUs, A-MPDUs, and HT frames. Nx also monitors 802.11 a, 11b, 11g, and 4.9 GHz US Public safety channels for complete visibility of your entire WiFi infrastructure.

A single unit Nx adapter is $698 USD. A 3-Pack, which includes three Nx adapters and drivers, a 4-port mini-USB Hub, and Network Toolkit download, is $2,094 USD. Education and government account discounts are available. Current AirPcap owners can upgrade to Nx for the price difference of Nx and their adapter, plus shipping.

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