Security and safety software for smartphones from JTrek

JTrek developed a patent-pending technology offers safety features on cell phones. It is the world’s first fully functional wireless video security system built into cell phones, using video, photo and audio and GPS monitoring capabilities. The mobile application is currently available for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Symbian OS devices.

For a nominal monthly fee, JTrek users have a full-time personal surveillance protection device. All that is required is a smartphone, Internet service and a small network of emergency contacts.

If the user is in danger, he or she simply sends a panic alert. This notifies emergency contacts and law enforcement. The automated web-based monitoring center receives the notification, determines where the problem is, and immediately sends alerts to the user’s emergency contacts so that help may be dispatched.

With this technology, text messaging notifications and video/photo imagery is recorded and transmitted by the smartphone to the JTrek web servers. Even if the phone is taken by an attacker, the images remain stored on JTrek’s servers and emergency alerts are sent automatically.

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