Heartland CEO calls for adoption of end-to-end encryption

Heartland made a PR move with their CEO in order to alleviate some of the anger targeted towards them because the recent breach of their security.

The Heartland CEO Robert Carr is apparently a strong advocate for industry adoption of end-to-end encryption. While he believes this technology does not wholly exist on any payments platform today, Heartland has been working to develop this solution and is more committed than ever to deploying it as quickly as possible.

Heartland does not yet know how many card numbers were obtained. Consumers will know if their card account numbers have been used by reviewing their monthly statements. Cardholders should report suspicious activity to their issuing banks (the bank that issued the card, not the card brand). If unauthorized use is confirmed, cardholders are reimbursed for the fraudulent purchases and are not held financially responsible.

Over the past few days, The Heartland CEO Robert Carr said:

I have talked to many payments leaders who are also concerned about the increasing success and frequency of cyber crime attacks. Up to this point, there has been no information sharing, thus empowering cyber criminals to use the same or slightly modified techniques over and over again. I believe that had we known the details about previous intrusions, we might have found and prevented the problem we learned of last week.

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