VoIP service providers not focusing on impending threats

As the VoIP market evolves, security threats loom on the horizon. However, service providers are not seemingly taking the necessary actions to prepare for the impending threats, according to the latest report published by Light Reading’s VoIP Services Insider.

The report examines applications in the VoIP security market, including security trends and the evolution of products, as well as target markets for VoIP security and the managed services strategies of various vendors.

It also examines the outlook for the next 12 to 18 months for VoIP security, including threats the market faces, the impact of economic troubles, the buildout plans of various vendors, and the partnerships, investments, and acquisitions vendors have made. Finally, the report provides a comparative analysis of 12 of the top vendors in the VoIP security industry.

Other key findings of “VoIP Security: Vendors Prepare for the Inevitable” include the following:

  • More outsourcing of VoIP security services is expected in the coming months, as threats increase and VoIP customers recognize their inability to handle the resulting problems.
  • VoIP security vendors are working with service provider customers to implement VoIP security offerings on a managed services basis.
  • SIP trunking is seen as a tremendously high-growth market, making it one of the most susceptible to security threats in the coming months.

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