NetMRI 3.0 introduces impact analysis to Network Configuration and Change Management

NetMRI 3.0 solves the number-one challenge that undermines network performance and policy compliance – internal changes to the network, whether malicious or inadvertent – by giving network administrators a clear picture of every modification, and a hot list of likely network problems they cause.

NetMRI 3.0 answers the three critical questions that short-staffed IT departments worry about:

  • What is the impact of this change to our network?
  • Is our network compliant with policies and “gold standards’, and can we prove it?
  • Can we operate to our full potential with a limited head count?

Netcordia’s NetMRI 3.0 takes Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) capabilities one step further by providing multiple views of the network and every device connected to it, and then showing the impact of changes on interdependent network initiatives. New diagnostic capabilities outpace anything else on the market, highlighting the potential impact of even the smallest changes, which can wreak havoc in unexpected ways.

NetMRI 3.0 distils complex data into easy-to-interpret images and topology views. Each data point can be viewed in rich detail, set in context and analysed in three ways:

Timeline dashboard – to show changes over time and visually correlate network health and policy adherence, for faster root cause analysis.
Topology status views – to see exactly where in the network a change occurred, overlaying both health and policy compliance status, to correlate by topology location and dependence.
Network Explorer – providing ad-hoc analysis to identify common threads by device attributes, through a rich graphical interface.

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