Manage all privileged passwords with Enterprise Random Password Manager

Lieberman Software announced version 4.7 of Enterprise Random Password Manager, providing improvements in deployment, scalability and compliance for large, multi-site organizations.

Enterprise Random Password Manager automatically discovers, updates, stores and recovers privileged account passwords. It regularly creates unique, complex local, domain, and process passwords for each account in the enterprise. It then propagates the password changes to all of the services, tasks, and applications that reference those credentials.

Zone Processing
Zone processing improves performance in geographically dispersed environments or in environments with security-restricted DMZ systems. Specialized deferred processors are installed at remote sites, perform all password management operations locally, and communicate back to a centralized database for job information. By only passing SQL traffic to and from the central database, bandwidth usage over saturated WAN links is minimized.

Results of zone processing include improved Service Level Agreements (SLAs), an imperative of large, multinational enterprises. Dedicating a process on a local machine to privileged account password management increases network responsiveness. Benefits also include meeting regulatory compliance mandates that require shared account password operations to be conducted within a limited period of time.

When zone processing is combined with Enterprise Random Password Manager’s SQL Server back-end, and utilization of existing customer hardware, the product can achieve optimal performance and scalability in large, multi-site enterprises. The ability to operate without deploying agents or scripts on client systems further enhance its ability to scale in the enterprise.

Audit Compliance
Also included in Version 4.7 are pre-configured reporting packages which verify that changes required by regulatory mandates are being accomplished.

Frequently updating privileged account passwords is an increasingly vital security best practice and regulatory compliance mandate. Accomplishing this initiative is challenging for many organizations, due to the volume of accounts throughout the enterprise that must be found and changed on a recurring basis. Conventional password management tools usually only update passwords that are identified by the IT staff. New or orphaned accounts, as well as accounts on offline or unavailable systems, can be missed during password update cycles. Failed compliance audits and security vulnerabilities are the potential consequences of missed account updates.

Enterprise Random Password Manager automatically identifies every place in the enterprise where privileged account passwords are used, and updates these attributes following password changes.

Encrypted File Vaults
Enterprise Random Password Manager 4.7 also features encrypted file vaults for the secure and delegated storage of important documents. The vaults can also archive user and administrator passwords to enable the secure management of system and application passwords. These vaults utilize both software and hardware-based encryption and are free add-ons to Enterprise Random Password Manager.

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