Email security offering that leverages the benefits of cloud computing

Cloudmark introduced its new CloudFilter email security solution, a cloud-based email security offering specifically designed to free Web hosters and service providers from the capital and administrative burden of managing email security, which continues to rise due to unpredictable levels of spam. As a result of direct feedback from tier 1 and Web hosting customers, Cloudmark identified a need for a cloud computing solution that is affordable, scalable, easy to manage and that delivers industry-leading filtering accuracy.

For service providers, the CloudFilter solution delivers the same carrier-grade accuracy that major tier 1 global service providers have come to depend on Cloudmark for, while eliminating the hardware and operational costs associated with managing an on-premises email security solution. CloudFilterâ„? for service providers also offers service providers infinite scalability to meet their extremely high operational demands for capacity, performance and service quality.

For Web hosters, the CloudFilter solution was designed to solve the current pain points that these organizations face when it comes to managing their email security services. CloudFilter for Web hosters enables hosting providers to deliver a value-added service to their customers without the current infrastructure and administrative burden of managing security themselves. Additionally, the CloudFilter solution enables Web hosters to foster and strengthen customer relationships by providing a branded, seamless experience for both Web hosting and email services–this is critical to the growth strategy of Web hosting companies.

CloudFilter Solution Key Features and Benefits

  • Infinite Scalability – The CloudFilter solution, architected to ensure that customers never have to worry about scalability, is capable of accommodating the largest and fastest-growing companies in the world. Deployments are fast and easy, requiring very little setup cost and near-zero ongoing management. In addition, Cloudmark constantly updates the service with the latest innovations in messaging security, making certain that customers are always on the latest and greatest technology platform.
  • Industry-Leading Accuracy – Cloudmark leverages its existing technology to ensure that the CloudFilter solution delivers industry-leading accuracy. Backed by a unique and powerful combination of Cloudmark’s Advanced Message Fingerprintingâ„? technology and real-time feedback from the Cloudmark Global Threat Networkâ„? system, the CloudFilter solution combine all components of Cloudmark’s messaging security suite to rapidly detect even the most advanced messaging threats, including mutating spam and phishing attacks. Today, Cloudmark protects more than 850 million users around the globe.
  • Low Cost of Entry and Simple Pricing – The CloudFilter solution is delivered as a service, freeing up valuable hardware resources previously dedicated to messaging security and completely unburdening operational staff from the task of dealing with spam and other malicious threats. Pricing for the CloudFilter solution is based on the business models and needs of Web hosters and service providers, helping to further ensure seamless integration into existing environments.

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