MSI unveils HoneyPoint Personal Edition 2.00

MSI released HoneyPoint Personal Edition 2.00, a solution that basically serves up “fake” services on systems. These services then lie in wait for attackers and malware to probe them. When someone, or something, does interact with the service, all transactions are recorded, including their source IP address and timeline. Users are then alerted to the activity and can take defensive actions as needed.

How can something that’s not real add to your security? When your computer serves up applications that aren’t real, then there is no reason for anyone to interact with them, ever. Any interaction with them, at all, can be considered suspicious at best and malicious at worst.

For technical users and administrators, HPPE gives the the ability to create “drop in” security sensors on the network and to monitor the corporate environment for worms, bots, scans and other insider/illicit behaviors.

Many administrators move the product from system to system frequently, searching for the signs of security compromises and attacks. Since there are no false positives and no signatures to update, they can get this extra level of security without the overhead of other solutions.

The new version includes many new features, including:

  • HornetPoints to leverage “defensive fuzzing” as an automated form of defense against hacker tools and malware
  • Plugins (just like HoneyPoint Security Server) to automate responses and allow user-designed/custom alerts, etc.


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