Fedora 11 Alpha has been released

The Fedora project announced the availability of Fedora 11 Alpha which represents a sanitized snapshot of rawhide, Fedora’s development branch, which undergoes rapid changes before becoming the next major release.

The Alpha should boot on the majority of systems, and provides a look at what new features are to be included in the next release. A list of accepted features is available here.

To download Fedora 11 Alpha, go here. Download options are available for BitTorrent, direct download, and Jigdo. Fedora 11 Alpha is available for all 32-bit and 64-bit Intel-compatible platforms, as well as PowerPC.

Alpha is accompanied by installable live CDs of both the GNOME and KDE desktops. With a Live CD users can perform testing and demonstration without installing any software to the hard disk. As the Alpha release is largely targeted at developers and contains many bleeding edge packages, this is the best method for less experienced users who want to get involved with testing. The Live CDs also have an option to install Fedora to the hard disk for the more intrepid users.

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