WebDefend web application firewall appliance gets an update

The new version of WebDefend offers organizations more flexibility in their blocking options through the introduction of an in-line appliance. Based on a reliable in-line technology from Breach Security, the new deployment option allows organizations to install WebDefend between their web servers and the Internet for active blocking of web application attacks. No network re-configuration is required. WebDefend will continue to be available as an out-of-line appliance as well.

Other features in WebDefend v3.5 include:

  • Geographic details for security events: Using advanced geo-location technology, WebDefend v3.5 allows organizations to track the locations of each event. Organizations can map the attack with a single click. This geographical information will help organizations prioritize their protection activities and assist law enforcement in cyber-crime prosecution efforts.
  • Customizable event views: WebDefend v3.5 includes the ability for organizations to centrally manage the information users see within the management console. Administrators can create role-based views for an individual or specific groups of individuals, ensuring information is only accessible on a “need to know” basis.
  • Web 2.0 application support: With the release of version 3.5, WebDefend is now the only solution on the market that can protect interactive web applications featuring user-supplied text, such as blogs and wikis.
  • Enhanced detection engine: Breach Security Labs has updated WebDefend to provide protection against the latest forms of attacks, including lateral SQL injections, email-harvesting robots and file inclusion attacks.


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