CCNA Wireless Official Exam Certification Guide

Pages: Brandon James Carroll
Publisher: Cisco Press
ISBN: 1587202115


When it comes to getting a confirmation regarding your IT knowledge, the Cisco certification program is certainly among the first ones that come to mind. If you want to learn how to install, configure and troubleshoot WLANs, one road you can take is CCNA Wireless certification, also the topic of this book.

About the author

Brandon James Carroll, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, is one of the leading instructors for Cisco security technologies in the country, teaching classes that include the CCNA, CCNP, and CCSP courses, numerous CCVP courses, and custom developed courseware.

Inside the book

The book is about everything related to the CCNA Wireless certification so you’ll learn about WLAN technologies and topologies, WLAN hardware, protocols, security, and a lot more.

The author covers Cisco gear which is quite understandable given the purpose of the book. When it comes to operating systems you’ll read up on material related to Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

A plethora of screenshots and a ton of logs complement the material. Luckily for you, the purchase of the “CCNA Wireless Official Exam Certification Guide” comes with access to an online edition of the book for 45 days. This allows you to search within the book as well as cut and paste code.

The book is very well organized and easy to look through. This benefits times when you need a reference guide or if you’re studying only certain aspects as it enables you to quickly find what you need. Also, as I expected, there are quizzes that you can use to verify your knowledge. The final chapter includes guidelines that will aid you in the final days before the exam.

The CD-ROM that comes with the book contains an electronic copy of the book and more then 150 practice questions for the exam. The program has to be installed on a Windows machine so all of you not running Redmond’s favorite OS will not be able to access the questions and exercise.

Final thoughts

Although the author offers information that should put complete beginners on the right track, there’s just not enough data to make this a viable book for newbies. On the other hand, if you have some primary knowledge about wireless networking and you want to conquer the CCNA Wireless IUWNE exam, you should consider this title, it comes from Cisco after all.

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