AirMagnet introduces entry-level RF and Wi-Fi troubleshooting tool

AirMagnet announced AirMedic, a new entry-level Wi-Fi tool. Unlike other Wi-Fi spectrum analyzers that require expensive, single use dedicated spectrum cards or adapters, AirMedic uses the latest Intel Centrino 2 processor technology (5100/5300 Series) built into modern laptops. This new integration means that there are no expensive external cards that can get lost or broken, and that an organization’s troubleshooting tools have the same RF perspective on the environment that an actual end-user has.

Small and mid-sized businesses continue to transition to wireless as the default network for employee and business connectivity. When problems arise, not all are the same – some are due to RF interference from non-Wi-Fi devices such as Bluetooth, while other problems are solely rooted in the Wi-Fi realm, such as overloaded devices or configurations leading to low data speeds. AirMedic allows a non-wireless expert within an organization to see both sides of the Wi-Fi equation so they can understand precisely where things are going wrong and fix them.

AirMedic has a variety of features including:

  • Full RF analysis with multiple configurable spectrum views
  • Fourteen built-in “Easy Views” for diagnostics and charts
  • Full Wi-Fi spectrum analysis
  • Optional Wi-Fi analysis
  • Instant view of Wi-Fi and channel performance
  • View Wi-Fi devices overlaid on a spectrum plot
  • Copy and paste any plot for on-the-fly reporting
  • Clear visibility into both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi bands
  • Simple one-screen interface.

AirMagnet AirMedic is available now and the U.S. list price is $995.

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