End-to-end protection and auditing for IBM mainframe databases

Imperva introduced SecureSphere Database Gateway for z/OS (DGZ), which monitors local and network activity by users and applications to prevent data loss, fraud, and automate regulatory compliance reporting.

Mainframe environments present unique security and audit challenges since they cannot afford downtime or system latency.

To automate regulatory compliance tasks, SecureSphere DGZ maintains a record of all activity on DB2 databases. The SecureSphere DGZ audit trail includes details on schema changes (DDL), data changes (DML), privilege granting and revoking (DCL), and security exceptions such as failed logins and SQL errors. The audit trail is supported by a reporting engine that includes reports for PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, as well as customizable analytics.

To prevent data breaches and data loss, SecureSphere DGZ monitors inbound and outbound DB2 traffic for suspicious activity. Network-based traffic, including queries and responses from web applications, is inspected and audited by SecureSphere, while local activity is collected through IBM Audit Management Expert (AME).

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