Free software for cloud computing security

Third Brigade released Third Brigade VM Protection, a free software for cloud computing security for VMware infrastructure-based private cloud environments, vCloud service providers, and public cloud services such as Amazon EC2.

Cloud computing presents IT professionals with security and compliance challenges. Third Brigade VM Protection software promotes safer cloud deployments by protecting the virtual machines that are created for, or moved to, cloud environments. VM Protection enables active, auditable security policies to be applied to these virtual machines.

This software provides:

  • IDS, Firewall, Integrity Monitoring and Log Inspection
  • Out-of-the box configurations (security profiles) for Microsoft Windows and Red Hat 5 Linux servers
  • Integration with VMware vCenter
  • Seamless migration to Third Brigade Deep Security for enhanced protection and support for PCI compliance.

Third Brigade VM Protection deploys quickly, is centrally managed, and is integrated with VMware vCenter.

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