New malware analysis technology improves threat detection

Sunbelt Software announced its new malware analysis technology, MX-Virtualization (“MX-V”), as part of a significant enhancement to its popular VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware product line.

MX-V is a compact, high-speed virtualized Windows environment integrated directly into VIPRE, which performs rapid behavioral analysis of potential malware.

The rapidly evolving sophistication of malware makes traditional detection methods increasingly obsolete, as new strains of malware use highly complex obfuscation techniques designed to hide from even the most sophisticated analysis systems.

MX-V is a step in solving this problem by analyzing potential malware in a compact, proprietary virtualized Windows environment, integrated into the VIPRE scanning system. Without any user interaction, malware is executed in an environment that mimics many core Windows functions, and analyzed for certain malware signatures and behavioral characteristics.

This new functionality enables VIPRE to detect many types of malware without the necessity of creating a constant stream of dedicated signatures and heuristic systems.

The MX-V technology is available immediately in the latest VIPRE definitions update (definitions series 5,000 and up), in both the consumer and enterprise versions of VIPRE. The update also includes other enhancements, including improved signature and heuristic detections.

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