Army database compromised

The Army recently discovered a potential penetration of soldier information that occurred on a password-protected, secure web-based database of almost 1600 soldiers. As a cautionary measure, the Army is notifying those affected soldiers via email or letter.

The affected soldiers are those who registered with, or participated in, the Army-sponsored Operation Tribute to Freedom program over the last five years. These soldiers voluntarily provided Operation Tribute to Freedom with contact information necessary to coordinate speaking engagements and recognition events in communities across the country.

In this case, the data included some of the following: name, email, phone numbers (work, home, cell), unit / home address, awards received, rank, gender, ethnicity, and dates that soldiers deployed and returned from their deployment.

Not every affected soldier provided Operation Tribute to Freedom with complete information, and only information which they provided at the time of registration was potentially compromised. The Criminal Investigation Command is investigating how the password-protected, secure web-based information was possibly penetrated.

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