The security industry’s first collaborative open IP specification ratified

The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA), an industry organization created to define, recommend and promote standards for IP-enabled security devices and systems, announced that its 1.0 IP Media Device API specification has been ratified by the organization and released for public use. The 1.0 specification is available today free of charge here.

The 1.0 version of the Media Device API specification has been reviewed by technical experts from a broad group of companies that represent the critical segments of the IP video market.

These companies include video management software providers, camera manufacturers, analytics software providers, network video recorder manufacturers and security solution integrators. This broad cross-section brought a diverse set of views and provided a well-rounded perspective that supports all industry segments. Interested parties from these industry segments can be assured that their particular requirements were discussed in the context of refining the specification.

PSIA is committed to offering open specifications and has generated significant interest and support in the physical security industry. Over 400 companies have registered for the initial specification since its release in September of 2008.

It’s clear that many of these companies support the process because it represents the foundation for not only IP video standards, but also standards in analytics, storage, and access control products.

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