Astaro Command Center 2.0 improves VPN capabilities

Astaro announced availability of version 2.0 of its Astaro Command Center. This new version of the management tool adds the ability to centrally configure and maintain IPsec VPN tunnels, increased performance for working with hundreds of devices, and a new role for multi-user permissions.

The Astaro Command Center creates a “throne-room” from which to manage multiple Astaro Gateways, including Astaro Security Gateway, Astaro Web Gateway and Astaro Mail Gateway. Provided completely free of charge in its software or virtual versions, the product consolidates the current status of multiple Astaro products into a single dashboard. The Command Center offers the ability to schedule product update installations across multiple devices, monitor resource usages, get license information and detailed per-installation statistics, as well as access the WebAdmin for any connected Astaro device.

Astaro Command Center 2.0 adds a new configuration feature which allows administrators to build IPsec VPN tunnels directly from within the Command Center itself, saving deployment time. Administrators simply follow the Wizard-driven interface and select from the prompted parameters, and the resulting VPN will permanently join devices together to share printers, transfer files, and run programs, all over a securely encrypted link.

It also includes a dual-portal system with full user management features, allowing partners to offer managed security services for multiple companies through the same management appliance. These companies can all connect to the same Command Center server, which allows the creation of multiple user accounts with specific device visibility and permissions to separate customers into secure groups of devices.

Astaro Command Center is presented in the same GUI as the Astaro Gateway Version 7 WebAdmin, which allows for quick implementation and a short learning curve. The product can be used to manage installations of Astaro’s Security, Web, and Email Gateway appliances, software and virtual machines, and is itself available as a hardware appliance, a software ISO, or a Virtual Machine.

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