Web gateway for Web 2.0 content control, content filtering and threat protection

Websense unveiled a secure Web gateway for Web 2.0 content control, content filtering and threat protection – the Websense V10000 secure Web gateway appliance. The Websense V10000 lets organizations use Web 2.0 sites safely to without having to worry about security, productivity and liability threats, such as malware, inappropriate content and data loss.

Websense has embedded at the core of the appliance more than 1,800 analytics and real-time content inspection and classification technologies from the Websense ThreatSeeker Network. It also categorizes specific content on Web pages such as “mash ups” – not just the Web pages themselves – allowing IT managers to grant access to Web 2.0 sites while their organizations are protected from sections of sites that are inappropriate or a security risk.

Websense analyzes content posted to Web 2.0, social networking and blogger networks as it’s posted – using the recently-acquired Defensio technology.

Websense V10000 appliance key features and benefits:

  • Secure web gateway – classifies dynamic Web content and identifies and protects against Web 2.0 security risks, in real time. It uses more than 1,800 analytics, including legacy antivirus, Web antivirus, reputation and more. It also offers integrated control for both inbound content through the Websense Web Security Gateway, and outbound communications, through integration with Websense Data Security Suite
  • Application protocol control – provides check-box management for more than 125 application protocols to reduce security risks
  • Integrated Web proxy and cache – includes the Websense enterprise-class Web proxy and cache to inspect, optimize and control Web traffic.This removes the blind-spot of previously uncontrollable encrypted Web traffic with the native ability to inspect and manage SSL encrypted Web communications
  • Good price to performance ratio
  • Built-in extensibility for future-proofed security – The unique architecture of the Websense V10000 includes advanced virtualization technology to deliver built-in extensibility and support for additional Websense security solutions.
  • Pricing for the Websense V10000 appliance is $16,000 in addition to software subscription costs.

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