New book: “The Art of Lean Software Development”

Based on techniques that revolutionized Japanese manufacturing, lean software development can dramatically increase productivity and quality. Lean principles are being applied successfully to product design, engineering, the supply chain, and now software development.

With The Art of Lean Software Development (O’Reilly), by Curt Hibbs, Steve Jewett, and Mike Sullivan, you’ll learn how to adopt lean practices one at a time rather than taking on the entire methodology at once. As you master each practice, you’ll see significant, measurable results. With this book, you will:

  • Understand Lean’s origins from Japanese industries and how it applies to software development
  • Learn the Lean software development principles and the five most important practices in detail
  • Distinguish between the Lean and Agile methodologies and understand their similarities and differences
  • Determine which Lean principles you should adopt first, and how you can gradually incorporate more of the methodology into your process
  • Review hands-on practices, including descriptions, benefits, trade-offs, and roadblocks
  • Learn how to sell these principles to management.

The Art of Lean Software Development is ideal for busy people who want to improve the development process but can’t afford the disruption of a sudden and complete transformation. The Lean approach has been yielding dramatic results for decades, and with this book, you can make incremental changes that will produce immediate benefits.


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