NCP engineering streamlines complex, distributed VPNs

NCP engineering announced a new version of the NCP Secure Enterprise Management (SEM) System, designed specifically for companies with large, complex VPN environments. The software solution makes VPN management simple by connecting to all IPSec and SSL components to optimise each connection, while maintaining strong policy enforcement and rule-set creation. A single administrator is able to easily configure and manage the entire VPN and NAC environment from one central station.

For network administrators who oversee multiple VPNs across corporate divisions or IT services companies who maintain many client VPNs, the NCP SEM System 2.02 features improved activity log viewing and the extension of multi-company applications. All log messages are allocated to the relevant network administrator and are invisible to other companies, allowing for the easy and secure management of several independent VPNs.

The administrator can monitor traffic and capacity for each component of each network, all from a single PC screen. Built-in transition software ensures redundancy systems guarantee high availability of the management system, avoiding costly downtime and loss of policy settings.

Further updates to the NCP SEM System 2.02 include the importing of user data via standardised interfaces from existing directory services and identity and access management systems (IAM). Plug-in management has been streamlined, and updates can be automatically controlled and distributed during console start-up. Configuration and software updates can also now be carried out via a LAN connection—without requiring a VPN tunnel. This gives companies the chance to establish a centrally-managed personal firewall in LAN when using NCP’s solution. In addition, update rule-sets can be enacted based on the type of network connection a device is currently connected to, avoiding “bandwidth hogging’ and pricey wireless data consumption fees.

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