GFI gives away full-featured GFI LANguard for free

As more and more businesses bear the brunt of the economic downturn and budgets are drastically cut, security is often the first area to suffer. With cybercrime on the increase and threats becoming more dangerous and frequent, businesses can ill-afford to ignore security. To assist organizations shore up their defenses and secure their networks, GFI Software is giving away a 5-IP freeware version of GFI LANguard.

GFI LANguard allows administrators to scan, detect, assess and rectify vulnerabilities on their network and to secure it with minimal administrative effort.

Over 15,000 vulnerability assessments are carried out when the network, including any virtual environment, is scanned by GFI LANguard. When the scan is complete, GFI LANguard’s Patch Management functionality allows administrators to deploy and manage patches and security updates on all machines across the network. Hardware information can be retrieved and baseline comparisons used to check for unauthorized changes.

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