Security solution for enterprise-wide application data protection

CipherOptics announced the CipherEngine Services Platform – a global security solution for enterprise-wide application data protection, that allows companies to centralize the management of application data security for thousands of applications while simplifying the creation, distribution and management of security policies and services.

Providing services such as key generation and management, certificate distribution and policy control, this security software platform enables infrastructure-wide data protection and allows organizations to easily deploy and manage encryption, packet authentication and other security services as part of a comprehensive data protection strategy. It helps organizations secure their data wherever it travels, comply with data protection regulations and reduce the scope and cost of regulatory audits.

This solution is based on an Open Security Architecture, which allows CipherOptics and other third-party applications to access the services provided by the CipherEngine Services Platform. The architecture also allows CipherEngine’s security policy generation and key distribution modules to interface with the native security tools embedded in most host operating systems.

CipherEngine provides scalable end-to-end security for any application data flows between servers or endpoints. By providing centralized control of the generation of policies and dynamic distribution of keys, CipherEngine enables organizations to encrypt application data transmissions over any type of network without compromising applications or network performance.

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