Encrypted USB drive solution with anti-malware capability

Mobile Armor announced the addition of anti-malware support to its existing KeyArmor product group.

The mobile workforce continues to show sustainable growth, the requirements for protecting portable data for enterprise organizations needs to be addressed. USB drives are highly vulnerable assets at risk to theft and loss, but are often exposed to malicious applications and viruses. Mobile Armor’s KeyArmor USB drive is designed to combat these threats that exist in today’s mobile workforce environments.

The KeyArmor solution is a military level encrypted USB drive managed by the Mobile Armor enterprise policy console, PolicyServer. KeyArmor USB drives are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated using on processor AES hardware encryption.

KeyArmor now independently provides protection against viral and malware threats. With integrated anti-malware detection and remediation, viruses and malicious software are prevented from attacking data transferred and stored on the KeyArmor drive. This is an independent function of KeyArmor, not requiring the existence or utilization of anti-malware from the data source device. KeyArmor provides detailed auditing and logging relating to the anti-malware component, including version control, update integrity, update frequency and file status.

In addition to anti-malware support, KeyArmor already addresses multiple requirements for the U.S. government, military and enterprise organizations. These include:

Transparent hardware encryption in a tamper resistant USB device – KeyArmor allows drag and drop capability with always on encryption. KeyArmor provides seamless non-bypassable protection of portable and mobile data in a hardened tamper resistant USB drive.

Flexible and comprehensive policy enforcement – Enterprise command and control, allowing granular policy control. KeyArmor allows security administrators and operations to actively control how susceptible data is accessed and protected while being stored and transfer.

Smartcard authentication support – KeyArmor supports strong authentication with CAC and PIV II support, including Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) capability.

Remote wipe and destroy capability – A virtual “Dead man’s switch” is available to protect and maintain confidential and sensitive data. KeyArmor can be securely wiped and disabled in the event of theft or loss.

Extensive audit and log support – KeyArmor provides detailed auditing and logging to meet Federal and State regulatory compliance, including the ability to log files stored on the USB drive.

KeyArmor is available in various capacities including: 2GB, 4GB and 8GB.

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