Framework for developing secure AJAX applications

Mykonos 1.0 is an enterprise development framework and security service for building secure and scalable Web applications. Mykonos provides a Visual Builder for the rapid creation of applications that have security, scalability, multi-lingual support, and white-labeling built in, combined with a security service that delivers ongoing updates to keep applications protected.

Mykonos lets enterprise IT developers build rich AJAX applications quickly without deep JavaScript knowledge and ensures that their applications are hardened against AJAX vulnerabilities throughout deployment. The new product integrates easily with existing enterprise authentication, policy management, and logging systems. With this announcement, Mykonos is delivering a completely new class of security for web applications.

Mykonos provides fine-grained security on the server, the transport layer, and on the client for every single application built, without any additional burden on the end user. The product goes beyond point-in-time solutions by delivering continuous security updates that keep the production environment protected. By approaching AJAX security in a structured and organized way, Mykonos makes code analysis easier and hardens code against penetration tests, helping customers reduce development time, reduce time-to-compliance, and achieve a fast return on their investment.

In addition, Mykonos provides the following enterprise-class capabilities to customers:

  • Components that filter user data before rendering to screen, making applications immune to cross-site scripting attacks
  • Secure session management using a three-token infrastructure that prevents, cross-site request forgeries and various “Man-In-The-Middle’ attacks
  • SSL and AES encryption to prevent interception of critical data
  • GUI controls designed to scale with enterprise data volumes
  • Single-click deployment of multiple, individually configurable application instances.

Mykonos will demonstrate its new technology in RSA booth # 2639.

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