Trusted Computing Group announces certification program

Trusted Computing Group today announced a certification program to ensure that implementations of its specifications are complete and consistent.

The program initially will focus on implementations of the Trusted Platform Module, or TPM, which is the core of the TCG’s security architecture for PCs and other computing devices. The TPM is used in millions of PCs, servers and embedded systems to secure passwords, digital keys and certificates used to protect data, email and networks.

TCG’s certification program is being established to demonstrate security and correctness of specification implementations. By participation in the certification program, manufacturers and developers of TCG-based products, such as PCs and laptops, give buyers an easily identifiable way to ensure consistency, interoperability and security of products.

The TPM certification program includes a security evaluation requirement, based on third-party security evaluation using the established international Common Criteria framework1 and a compliance testing requirements based on test suite tools developed by TCG.

The group expects to offer certification for products using Trusted Network Connect specifications later this year.

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