New version of proactive network security management platform

Stonesoft unveiled StoneGate 5.0, its proactive network security management platform. Stonesoft is the only vendor to provide a single centralized command center for proactive control of even the most complex networks. This centralized command center – called the StoneGate Management Center – manages the entire StoneGate Platform including its firewall/VPN, IPS and SSL VPN solutions for physical and virtual environments. With the debut of StoneGate 5.0, the StoneGate Management Center 5.0 can now manage third-party device events.

A few of the new features include:

Third-party Event Management: The StoneGate Management Center 5.0 provides the first platform for proactive network security management of entire networks, including physical and virtual environments, as well as third-party device events. This gives organizations access to real-time device monitoring, event correlation, logging and reporting of the switches, routers and security appliances from different vendors across their networks. As a result, administrators can significantly streamline troubleshooting and incident management time.

End-customer Domains: StoneGate 5.0 enables management of different customer environments with a single management server – a development for large organizations and MSSPs challenged by the administration and cost of managing multiple servers for each domain. Since configurations can be shared across domains, administrators can quickly make configuration changes or reuse configurations.

Enhanced Rule-base Optimization Tools: StoneGate 5.0 simplifies security policy management through a unique set of rule-base optimization tools. With these tools administrators can easily detect unused and redundant rules and optimize rule order to enhance network and security performance. In addition, rules can be created directly from logs for faster incident management.

Web Portal: With StoneGate 5.0, administrators and MSSPs’ customers gain Web Portal access to policies, logs and reports anytime, anywhere and from any device. In addition, MSSPs can create customized user interfaces for their end-customers.

Geographic Pinpointing of IP Addresses: StoneGate 5.0 allows organizations to see real-time visual geographical representations of network traffic to quickly spot anomalies and attacks. Coupled with StoneGate’s drill-down and filtering capabilities, administrators can troubleshoot more efficiently.

SSL Inspection for Both Client and Server Protection: Unlike most platforms that only offer either client- or server-side inspection, StoneGate 5.0 is the first to offer SSL inspection for both. This increases an organization’s end-to-end network security capabilities by protecting workstations, internal networks, hosts and servers against attacks hidden inside the SSL tunnel. This capability also further ensures regulatory compliance and data loss prevention.

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