RSA provides transparent authentication to enterprises

The new release of the RSA Adaptive Authentication platform is designed for large, distributed enterprise environments and helps to identify users using self-learning risk indicators before interacting with corporate resources such as e-mail, intranets and extranets.

The SaaS-based option can help to reduce costs, maintenance and overhead for authenticating large user populations. The new release of the RSA Adaptive Authentication platform is integrated with several leading SSL VPN solutions, web access management solutions including RSA Access Manager for secure single sign-on to intranets, extranets, and portals, and RSA Identity Verification for knowledge-based authentication.

The RSA Adaptive Authentication platform is deployed at more than 8,000 organizations across the globe, currently protecting more than 225 million people against online fraud.

RSA Adaptive Authentication is powered by the RSA Risk Engine using self-learning risk indicators such as device identification, user behavior profiling, and fraud data from the RSA eFraudNetwork community that helps to fight against the increase in online crime targeted towards enterprises such as Trojan attacks and spearphishing.

As engineered, RSA Adaptive Authentication is convenient for end users as their everyday behavior patterns are learned by the risk engine and are enabled with transparent authentication. Visible authentication methods such as challenge questions or out-of-band authentication through SMS, phone and e-mail are invoked only when user activity appears unusual or is of a higher risk profile based on established policies.

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