Network security now enabled for latency-sensitive SCADA environments

Apani has entered into a new OEM partnership with Telvent which will offer Apani EpiForce as a security overlay to its OASyS DNA 7.5 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) platform. Deployed in many of the largest oil, gas and electric companies in the world, OASyS is a real-time, highly distributed solution suite incorporating interoperable applications linked through standard interfaces.

After extensive evaluation, in which Telvent reviewed a number of leading products, the global solutions provider selected EpiForce to address the critical security requirements of its customers. Apani’s security solution provided the highest levels of network security while integrating seamlessly with Telvent’s flagship OASyS DNA platform.

EpiForce protects communications within OASyS DNA installations without having to modify the underlying applications. In addition, performance and scalability features in EpiForce enable the highest levels of agility and responsiveness in safeguarding critical customer operations.

Telvent’s OASyS DNA solution suite gathers data from geographically dispersed sensors in real time and presents that information to operators and analysts controlling pipelines and electric grids across the world. Comprised of a suite of applications deployed on a flexible hardware platform, OASyS DNA offers the most secure real time system available.

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