Nintendo partners with Astaro for Web security

Astaro announced that it will use its content filtering technology to deliver an internet security service for the new Nintendo DSi Browser.

The Nintendo DSi Browser can be downloaded onto the Nintendo DSi and offers users mobile internet access. Consumers can then opt into Astaro’s internet security service by adjusting their browser settings. Nintendo will use Astaro’s content filtering and web security technology to provide additional parental control services to its customers and protect the Internet browsing experience for younger users.

This is in addition to the Nintendo DSi built in parental control function which controls access to the Nintendo DSi Browser in the first instance. The Astaro service is capable of blocking over 35 million websites that contain inappropriate or undesirable content.

The Astaro service uses the same listing and URL filtering technology as is present in the company’s all-in-one web security and unified threat management appliances. When users go online, their browsing activity can be sent through the Astaro service to be checked for links that are unsafe or inappropriate.

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