Secure mobile communications platform from AEP Networks

AEP Networks launched AEP SecComm Personal, a unique communications platform that delivers enhanced grade encryption to remote work forces. The technology is eminently portable, coming as it does in a small yet robust computer bag. And it is “plug and play” so users do not need any degree of technical skill or expertise to get the product up and running and then connect to the available networks.

Government policy requires Public Sector organizations to offer home and mobile working to their workforce wherever possible. These bodies can now extend remote access to classified data over a range of network access technologies including remote office LAN, broadband (over DSL or Cable), 3G and WiFi, without the normal restrictions and cost overheads. SecComm Personal delivers the throughput to satisfy a wide range of demanding applications.

Elements of the solution:

  • AEP vadEDGE intelligent multi-bearer router and processor or AEP SecComm Netbook with commercial grade encryption
  • Optional AEP Net Remote encryption device for high assurance government security
  • AC & DC power inputs and multiple adapters
  • Optional IP over BGAN for global coverage
  • Compatible with a variety of 3G USB network adapters.

The AEP Net Remote is approved by the UK Government’s CESG Assisted Product Scheme (CAPS) to Enhanced Grade, assured to ITSEC E3 standards and accepted by the HMG’s Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group (DIPCOG). The device is widely used by Government departments and agencies, local authorities, public health, public safety and criminal justice organizations that need to protect sensitive information across networks.

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