E-mail sync online service with migration, replication and recovery

Cemaphore Systems launched MailShadow OnLine, the first cloud-based email sync service with real-time migration, replication and backup of e-mail data between different email systems on-premises or in the cloud.

MailShadow Online enables bidirectional continuous sync of any pair of mailboxes (whether Microsoft Exchange, online/hosted Exchange, Google Apps, or popular POP3/IMAP services), thus providing companies complete flexibility in e-mail service providers and minimizing switching costs.

Migrating email, calendar and contact data between different email systems occurs rapidly and transparently to email users. Because each pair of mailboxes has a real-time copy of the latest email data, companies automatically get live backup and recovery to enable continuous email operation if something fails.

MailShadow OnLine is available at $5/month per user on a one-year plan. Volume discounts are also available.

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