Virtual Branch Network solution for remote workers

Aruba Networks announced its new Virtual Branch Network (VBN) solution. The VBN transparently and securely connects remote users with enterprise applications and resources, greatly simplifying the management of branch offices, clinics, home offices, and teleworkers while lowering costs.

The VBN solution includes new software for data centre-based Aruba Controllers, as well as three new families of wired and wireless Remote Access Points (RAPs) and Branch Office Controllers (BOCs).

Instead of replicating complexity at each remote location, Aruba’s VBN solution virtualizes complex tasks at data centre controllers and pushes them to inexpensive RAPs and BOCs for execution. A centrally controlled, policy enforcement firewall in the data centre controller governs user access to the network and its resources by pushing policies to dissolvable firewall agents in every RAP and BOC. These agents automatically enforce the policies for every user and service.

Since all of the complex tasks are centrally managed and automatically disseminated, RAP and BOC set-up is quick and easy. Secure one-click installation allows a non-technical person to provision a branch office in minutes, with no intervention or assistance by IT. RAPs and BOCs are transport-independent, and work with virtually any wide-area network – including 3G cellular for instant connectivity.

A RAP can literally be mailed to a remote user, connected to power and the WAN, and be fully commissioned following a single data entry. No truck roll, no IT intervention. VBN does for branch connectivity and security what data centre virtualization did for desktop applications.

Introduced as part of the VBN solution are three new families of remote devices. All of the devices offer policy-based local and remote packet forwarding, and Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology for optimised Wi-Fi operation. A diagnostics feature displays status on a simple user interface, providing one-button debugging and one-button reset to factory defaults.

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