PGP launches Endpoint Application Control

PGP has announced PGP Endpoint Application Control, a product that blocks malicious and unauthorized software, including applications, scripts and macros, from executing on a user’s system by automatically enforcing policies using whitelisting technology that explicitly allows only trusted and authorized software applications. PGP customers can now have zero-day, automatic threat protection against known and unknown application and software threats.

By leveraging PGP Endpoint Application Control as another layer of data defense, customers can ensure business continuity with always-on protection and not have to worry about malicious software entering their networks. Furthermore, the ability to demonstrate compliance is easily achieved with the solution’s capability to audit all application execution attempts and policy changes.

Together, PGP Endpoint Application Control and PGP Endpoint Device Control provides comprehensive, granular, and policy-based enforcement of unauthorized software, malware, devices and removable media – delivering protection against data leakage, loss or theft.

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