RMI unleashes a high performing multi-core processor family

RMI Corporation announced a high performing multi-core processor family driving unmatched system and performance scalability. The superscalar XLP Processor utilizes a MIPS64 compatible superscalar, simultaneously multi-threaded processor core with out-of-order processing capabilities.

The newly designed core operates at greater than 2.0 GHz and provides embedded system designers their first opportunity to employ an SoC with an integrated processor core architecture, optimized for both data plane and control plane processing. The XLP Processor family is developed on a 40nm process technology.

EC4400 Processor Core

The core contained in the XLP Processor is architected to provide the highest performance for both data plane and control plane performance. Each EC4400 Core maintains the multi-threading capability that is field proven to provide the highest possible performance for throughput oriented data plane processing.

In order to demonstrate similar leadership in single context control plane processing, RMI designed the EC4400 Core as a superscalar engine with out-of-order execution capabilities. This combination of quad-issue and simultaneous 4-way multi-threading within each core enables new classes of systems with non-compromised combined data plane and control plane performance with a single chip solution.

The XLP832 Processor

The RMI XLP832 Processor is a highly-scalable Super System-on-Chip (SuperSoC) device incorporating key functions of a high-end communication system, including wired and wireless security, networking, storage, data center acceleration, load balancing, as well as a host of other acceleration engines enabling application in a large variety of market segments.

The XLP Processor family is a third-generation architectural enhancement to RMI’s industry leading Multi-core XLR Processor family. The XLP832 is fabricated using 40-nm technology and offers processor core frequencies from 500 MHz to greater than 2.0 GHz, providing a 3x performance/watt improvement over its XLR predecessor. The XLP832 is software backward-compatible with the XLR and XLS Processor families. The XLP832 Processor contains a wide array of networking interfaces (Interlaken, XAUI, SGMII) and system interfaces (including of PCI Express 2.0, an LA-1 Interlaken for TCAM, and two USB 2.0 host/client ports.

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