SSH introduces solution for real-time inspection and audit of encrypted traffic

SSH Communications Security announced SSH Tectia Guardian, a new technology solution that enables real-time session and file transfer monitoring with IDS or DLP integration capabilities, as well as replay of sessions for post-session auditing of encrypted traffic.

This unique security solution enables both real-time inspection, and full replay of SSH, SFTP, Telnet, and RDP traffic and sessions to meet compliance, governance, auditing, and forensics requirements in enterprises and government entities.

In addition, SSH Tectia Guardian provides flexible and powerful policy enforcement at the user, group, host, time, SSH subsystem, and even SSH command level to enforce security policies. SSH Tectia Guardian enables full monitoring for root and power user accounts, as required by PCI DSS.

SSH Tectia Guardian creates a formidable enterprise IT security system, delivering unparalleled visibility and auditing capabilities to easily monitor all activities of internal or external file transfers and remote access. In addition, PCI DSS mandates, SLA requirements, and outsourced operations can be controlled and policies enforced with ease.

In today’s IT environment, the possibility of accidental security breaches, or worse, malicious activity by internal and external sources, are very real threats to corporate data integrity. SSH Tectia Guardian provides an easy-to-deploy, layered approach to establishing, maintaining and monitoring the security of sensitive corporate data in transit, as well as addressing the human factor.

Strict IDS requirements have in the past prevented the use of encryption in critical environments. Now, however, with SSH Tectia Guardian, end-to-end encryption can be utilized between any hosts, without the threat of malicious use of encrypted channels. SSH Tectia Guardian adds further security controls in environments where SSH Tectia ConnectSecure and other SSH Tectia solutions are used to secure FTP and other unsecured data-in-transit operations. This maintains the real-time intrusion detection capability as any defined audit, IDS or DLP control points can now be assigned to protect encrypted, e.g. PCI DSS regulated, hosts and databases with virtually no latency or scalability issues.

SSH Tectia is the leading end-to-end communications security solution for the enterprise. Providing transparent, strong encryption and authentication, SSH Tectia enables secure file transfers, secure system administration, and secure application connectivity with centralized management throughout internal and external networks. SSH Tectia Guardian is a unique governance tool that fully integrates into IDS solutions for a layered security approach by adding additional protection between the DMZ and parallel firewalls.

Packet inspection of the SSH, Telnet and RDP protocols helps to ensure the accountability of root access and to meet the data security compliance for SOX, PCI DSS, FISMA, and U.S. DoD directives and other mandates requiring encrypted traffic to be inspected, audited and controlled.

SSH Tectia Guardian is the only solution to log and record every session and perform a step-by-step inspection and auditing of both the encrypted and unencrypted traffic to resolve any potential threats to the internal and external network. Accountability of file transfers and remote access with detailed access reports eases the burden of internal and external auditing. Full playback and archiving of sessions creates a valuable auditing and forensics tool eliminating many potential security threats. SSH Tectia Guardian provides real-time response to malicious threats by applying a proactive set of security controls on the most critical channels in the environment, to minimize the risk of breaches.

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