Anti-piracy solution maps route to unlicensed software

V.i. Laboratories upgraded its software anti-piracy platform with new features that help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) quickly determine who is using their unlicensed software and where they are located. CodeArmor Intelligence includes expanded reporting capabilities, Google Maps integration, advanced data filtering and simplified integration with third-party applications.

CodeArmor Intelligence has new advanced reporting capabilities that allow ISVs to maximize data collection from environments running pirated software. Once piracy is detected, multiple layers of reporting ensure ISVs can successfully identify businesses using unlicensed software anywhere in the world.

After the data is collected at a gateway server, geo-location information can be automatically added and reported to the CodeArmor Intelligence reporting plug-in for to view the location of the infringing business through Google Maps.

Other features include powerful gateway server filtering that uses rules to modify, delete or log data before sending it to the reporting interface. It uses regular expressions to create rules to focus on what data gets reported or selectively exclude certain data based on geography.

In addition, an enhanced software development kit (SDK) provides sample applications to simplify integrating CodeArmor Intelligence into applications, including new piracy detection logic. Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 as well as 2005 applications is also included.

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