New StoneGate FW-1030 appliance with firewall capabilities

Stonesoft introduced the new StoneGate FW-1030 appliance with firewall capabilities. This firewall solution provides data security for small enterprises and remote offices combined with StoneGate’s built-in high availability features that guarantee always-on connectivity.

With perimeter protection and internal network segmenting capabilities, the FW-1030 prevents computer worms from spreading and contaminating an organization’s internal network. In addition, it provides built-in solid-state disk technologies that emphasize reliability and durability. The new appliance uses 50 percent less power compared to similar appliances.

The StoneGate FW-1030 introduces features such as SSL inspection for both client and server protection. The FW-1030 safely opens Web traffic encryption and automatically stops hidden attacks. After the traffic has been cleaned, it is encrypted again and sent to the user.

Integrated with the StoneGate FW-1030 are many of Stonesoft’s IPS features, such as context sensitive fingerprinting, protocol validation and Denial of Service protection. In addition, the appliance includes Stonesoft’s Multi-Link technology which provides seamless network failover in the event of Internet outages, firewall clustering and server load balancing. These technologies can eliminate the need for expensive private connections, like MPLS and load balancers. The FW-1030 provides up to 1.3 Gbps firewall and 220 Mbps VPN throughput performance and 6 x Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces.

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