Free detection of viruses and spyware wherever you go

How many times have you found yourself providing computer support for your family and friends? This summer, F-Secure Online Scanner will make that task easier. The Online Scanner checks PCs thoroughly, detecting any viruses, spyware or other malware.

The Online Scanner, used by millions of people annually, has long been a popular feature of F-Secure’s website and has helped clean up hundreds of thousands of PCs from viruses.

F-Secure’s statistics show that about 20% of the Online Scanner users do in fact have viruses, worms or other malware on their computer (not including tracking cookies). The Online Scanner is free to use for anyone concerned that their computer has been infected with a virus.

Sean Sullivan from F-Secure Security Labs says, “After you scan for viruses with the Online Scanner, it’s always a good idea to use the F-Secure Health Check tool, also free, which finds any vulnerabilities on your PC. Used together, the Online Scanner and Health Check provide a great way of checking that your PC is safe to use online.”

It is important to remember that the free Online Scanner gives a manual scan that checks and cleans the PC but does not provide automatic protection after that. To prevent a PC from being infected again, you should install a full security product with real-time protection.

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